Pillars of Performance


Pillar #1 - Strength

It is exactly what we do inside the gym at Peak Performance Strength and Fitness.


Strength gives you confidence.

Strength empowers you.

Strength allows you to do more with your life.

Strength keeps you out of pain.

Strength literally reverses the aging process.  

Whether you are mother, father, business owner, or someone wanting to enjoy the mountains more, we believe that building you to become a strong human will allow you to be that person and enjoy life more.

We firmly believe that building real world strength is the most proactive way to keep your body healthy. We do this safely, effectively, and at a pace you are comfortable with. 

Pillar #2 - Nutrition

We believe that nutrition involves fueling your body for a standard of performance.

We do not believe in trendy fat loss diets, weight loss challenges, or supplements that “guarantee” results. Instead we believe that proper and effective nutrition to reach out goals comes from forming positive, sustainable habits that add to your life rather than take away. 


We work on coaching you the individual in front of us with a plan that fits your goals and personality to help achieve long term success. 



Pillar #3 - Recovery

While you can work out as hard as you want, the reality is that if you work out for an hour per day that is less than 4% of your week. How you take care of it the other 95% and in-between your work outs is just as important if not even more important.

Enter recovery; where the magic happens.

We focus not just putting the in the work at the gym, but helping you get maximal results by focusing on the other 95% of what matters for your success. 




Pillar #4 - Environment

Environment triggers behaviors. Shaping your environment for optimal success is what sets you up for success. We want to be proactive with our choices not reactive. We often make decisions based on the environment we are exposed to or rather put ourselves in.

At PPS+F we are focused on developing and environment that serves as the catalyst to creating a positive environment in and out of the gym for you to reach your personal peak performance in every day life. 

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